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Introduction to Cyber Espionage

This course will provide an overview of cyber espionage and how it is used by governments and other organizations to gather intelligence. We will also explore the potential impact of cyber espionage on national security.

10 Units

Unit 1

What is Cyber Espionage?

Unit 2

History of Cyber Espionage

Unit 3

Motivations for Cyber Espionage

Unit 4

Key Players in Cyber Espionage

Unit 5

Types of Cyber Espionage Attacks

Unit 6

Tools and Techniques Used in Cyber Espionage

Unit 7

Case Studies of Cyber Espionage

Unit 8

Legal and Ethical Issues in Cyber Espionage

Unit 9

Countermeasures and Defense Strategies

Unit 10

Future of Cyber Espionage

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