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Family Travel: Tips and Inspiration

Tips for Flying with Kids

Traveling with kids can be challenging, especially on long-haul flights. However, with some preparation and planning, flying with kids can be a breeze. Here are some tips to make your flight as smooth as possible:

Tips for Flying with Kids:

  1. Choose the right flight time: Consider your child's sleep schedule when booking your flight. If they usually nap in the afternoon, a morning flight might be better.

  2. Pack smart: Make sure to bring enough snacks, drinks, and activities to keep your child entertained. Don't forget to pack a change of clothes and any necessary medication.

  3. Check-in early: This will give you more time to get through security and board the plane without feeling rushed.

  4. Use a car seat or a CARES harness: This will help keep your child safe and secure during the flight.

  5. Bring a stroller: A lightweight stroller can be a lifesaver when navigating through the airport.

  6. Keep your child comfortable: Dress your child in comfortable clothing and bring a blanket and pillow for them to use on the flight.

  7. Be prepared for ear pain: The change in air pressure during take-off and landing can cause discomfort for children. Offer them a drink or a pacifier to help relieve the pressure.

By following these tips, you can make flying with kids a stress-free experience.

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