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Introduction to Basics of Economics

This guided study course aims to provide an introduction to the fundamental concepts of economics. It covers topics such as supply and demand, market structures, macro and microeconomics, and international trade.

20 Units

Unit 1

Scarcity and Choice

Unit 2

Opportunity Cost

Unit 3

Supply and Demand I

Unit 4

Supply and Demand II

Unit 5

Elasticity of Demand and Supply

Unit 6

Production and Costs

Unit 7

Perfect Competition

Unit 8


Unit 9

Monopolistic Competition

Unit 10


Unit 11

Market Failure and Externalities

Unit 12

Public Goods and Common Resources

Unit 13

Measuring Economic Activity

Unit 14

Inflation and Unemployment

Unit 15

Aggregate Demand and Supply

Unit 16

Fiscal Policy

Unit 17

Money and Banking

Unit 18

Monetary Policy

Unit 19

International Trade I

Unit 20

International Trade II

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