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Political Scandals Throughout History

This course will explore some of the most notorious political scandals in history, examining their causes, consequences, and lasting impact.

10 Units

Unit 1

Watergate: The Scandal that Brought Down a President

Unit 2

Iran-Contra: The Secret Arms Deal that Shook the Reagan Administration

Unit 3

Monica Lewinsky: The Sex Scandal that Rocked the Clinton Presidency

Unit 4

Teapot Dome: The Bribery Scheme that Tarnished the Harding Administration

Unit 5

The Profumo Affair: A British Scandal of Sex, Espionage, and Political Fallout

Unit 6

The Keating Five: A Savings and Loan Scandal with Political Implications

Unit 7

The Valerie Plame Affair: A CIA Leak that Sparked a Political Firestorm

Unit 8

The Benghazi Attack: A Tragedy and Political Controversy

Unit 9

The Bridgegate Scandal: A New Jersey Traffic Jam with National Repercussions

Unit 10

The Russian Interference Scandal: An Ongoing Investigation into Election Meddling

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