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Single Parenting: Navigating Challenges and Celebrating Rewards

This guided study course will explore the unique challenges and rewards of raising children as a single parent. Through a series of 10 lessons, students will gain insight into practical strategies for managing finances, time, and stress, while also discovering the joys of building a close-knit family unit.

10 Units

Unit 1

The Benefits and Challenges of Single Parenting

Unit 2

Managing Finances as a Single Parent

Unit 3

Creating a Support Network

Unit 4

Co-Parenting and Coping with Absentee Parents

Unit 5

Balancing Work and Family

Unit 6

Self-Care for Single Parents

Unit 7

Building Strong Relationships with Your Children

Unit 8

Navigating Legal Issues and Custody Battles

Unit 9

Dealing with Guilt, Shame, and Stigma

Unit 10

Celebrating the Joys of Single Parenting

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