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The Power of Social Media Influencers

This course explores the rise of social media influencers and their impact on the entertainment industry. Students will learn about the strategies and tactics used by influencers to build their audiences and monetize their platforms.

10 Units

Unit 1

Introduction to Social Media Influencers

Unit 2

The Evolution of Influencer Marketing

Unit 3

Understanding the Business of Influencing

Unit 4

How Influencers Build Their Audiences

Unit 5

The Role of Authenticity in Influencer Marketing

Unit 6

Tools and Techniques for Influencer Outreach

Unit 7

Working with Influencers: Dos and Don'ts

Unit 8

Measuring the Success of Influencer Campaigns

Unit 9

Influencer Fraud and How to Protect Yourself

Unit 10

The Future of Influencer Marketing

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