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The Impact of Social Media on Relationships

This course examines the ways in which social media has changed the way we communicate, form relationships, and connect with others. It explores the positive and negative effects of social media on relationships and provides strategies for healthy social media use.

10 Units

Unit 1

Introduction to Social Media and Relationships

Unit 2

The Evolution of Communication through Social Media

Unit 3

Positive Impacts of Social Media on Relationships

Unit 4

Negative Impacts of Social Media on Relationships

Unit 5

Addiction and Social Media: Its Impact on Relationships

Unit 6

Cyberbullying and its Effects on Relationships

Unit 7

Privacy Concerns and Social Media Relationships

Unit 8

Strategies for Healthy Social Media Use in Relationships

Unit 9

Social Media and Long Distance Relationships

Unit 10

The Future of Social Media and Relationships

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