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Zero-Day Exploitation: Vulnerabilities and Protection

This course will introduce you to the concept of zero-day exploitation and how hackers take advantage of vulnerabilities unknown to software vendors. You will learn about various types of zero-day attacks and how to protect against them.

10 Units

Unit 1

Introduction to Zero-Day Exploitation

Unit 2

Types of Zero-Day Exploits

Unit 3

The Life Cycle of a Zero-Day Exploit

Unit 4

Why Zero-Day Exploits are Valuable to Hackers

Unit 5

Detection and Prevention of Zero-Day Exploits

Unit 6

Threat Intelligence and Zero-Day Exploits

Unit 7

Response and Mitigation Strategies for Zero-Day Attacks

Unit 8

Best Practices for Securing Your Systems Against Zero-Day Exploits

Unit 9

Emerging Trends and Future of Zero-Day Exploitation

Unit 10

Case Studies of Zero-Day Exploitation and Their Impacts

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