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Natural Family Planning with Sensiplan

This guided study course is designed to help individuals learn about Natural Family Planning using Sensiplan. It includes 19 lessons that cover the basics of reproductive health, menstrual cycle tracking, and fertility awareness.

19 Units

Unit 1

Introduction to Natural Family Planning with Sensiplan

Unit 2

Reproductive Health and Anatomy

Unit 3

Understanding Menstrual Cycles

Unit 4

Basal Body Temperature Tracking

Unit 5

Cervical Mucus Observation

Unit 6

Using Ovulation Prediction Kits

Unit 7

Combining Methods for Increased Accuracy

Unit 8

Benefits and Risks of Natural Family Planning

Unit 9

Communicating with Your Partner about NFP

Unit 10

Religious and Cultural Perspectives on NFP

Unit 11

Common Misconceptions about NFP

Unit 12

NFP and Hormonal Health

Unit 13

Using NFP to Achieve Pregnancy

Unit 14

Using NFP to Avoid Pregnancy

Unit 15

Troubleshooting Common Issues with NFP

Unit 16

Finding a Sensiplan Instructor or Practitioner

Unit 17

Incorporating NFP into Your Lifestyle

Unit 18

Maintaining Motivation and Accountability with NFP

Unit 19

Future of Natural Family Planning with Sensiplan

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