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The Impact of Television on Society

This guided study course explores the impact of television on society and how it has influenced our culture over the past century. From the early days of black and white television to the rise of streaming services, we will examine the ways in which television has shaped and reflected our values, beliefs, and social norms.

10 Units

Unit 1

The Birth of Television: From Radio to TV

Unit 2

Television and Politics: How TV Coverage Affects Elections

Unit 3

Television and News: The Rise of 24-Hour News Cycle

Unit 4

Television and Advertising: How Commercials Shape Our Buying Habits

Unit 5

Television and Pop Culture: The Influence of TV on Movies, Music and Fashion

Unit 6

Television and Society: How TV Reflects and Shapes Our Beliefs

Unit 7

Television and Education: The Role of Educational Programming

Unit 8

Television and Diversity: The Representation of Minorities on TV

Unit 9

Television and Technology: The Rise of Streaming Services and On-Demand Viewing

Unit 10

The Future of Television: How TV is Evolving and What it Means for Society

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