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Fundamentals of Economics

This guided study course is designed for individuals with no prior knowledge of economics. It covers all aspects of economics to provide a comprehensive understanding of the subject.

53 Units

Unit 1

Introduction to Economics

Unit 2

The Economic Problem

Unit 3

Demand and Supply

Unit 4


Unit 5

Consumer Behavior

Unit 6

Production and Cost

Unit 7

Perfect Competition

Unit 8


Unit 9


Unit 10

Monopolistic Competition

Unit 11

Market Failure

Unit 12


Unit 13

Public Goods

Unit 14

Income and Wealth Distribution

Unit 15

Poverty and Inequality

Unit 16

Macroeconomics vs. Microeconomics

Unit 17

Gross Domestic Product

Unit 18


Unit 19


Unit 20

Aggregate Demand and Supply

Unit 21

Fiscal Policy

Unit 22

Monetary Policy

Unit 23

International Trade

Unit 24

Exchange Rates

Unit 25

Balance of Payments

Unit 26

Comparative Advantage

Unit 27

Trade Policy

Unit 28

Globalization and Its Effects

Unit 29

Environmental Economics

Unit 30

Sustainable Development

Unit 31

Behavioral Economics

Unit 32

Game Theory

Unit 33

Economic Systems

Unit 34

Capitalism vs. Socialism vs. Communism

Unit 35

Economic Development

Unit 36

Economic Growth

Unit 37

Human Development Index

Unit 38

Emerging Markets

Unit 39

Financial Markets and Institutions

Unit 40

Banking and Money Creation

Unit 41

Investment and Portfolio Theory

Unit 42

Stocks and Bonds

Unit 43

Financial Crises and Regulation

Unit 44

Behavioral Finance

Unit 45

Econometrics and Data Analysis

Unit 46

Statistical Methods in Economics

Unit 47

Regression Analysis

Unit 48

Time Series Analysis

Unit 49

Experimental Economics

Unit 50

Research Methods in Economics

Unit 51

Writing and Presenting Economic Research

Unit 52

Career Paths in Economics

Unit 53


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