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Exploring the Most Common Red Grape Varieties

This course is designed to introduce you to the most commonly used red grape varieties in winemaking. You'll learn about their characteristics, flavor profiles, and growing regions.

10 Units

Unit 1

Lesson 1: Introduction to Red Grapes

Unit 2

Lesson 2: Cabernet Sauvignon

Unit 3

Lesson 3: Pinot Noir

Unit 4

Lesson 4: Merlot

Unit 5

Lesson 5: Syrah/Shiraz

Unit 6

Lesson 6: Zinfandel

Unit 7

Lesson 7: Malbec

Unit 8

Lesson 8: Gamay

Unit 9

Lesson 9: Sangiovese

Unit 10

Lesson 10: Blends

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